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Pam’s Weight Loss Story

FRAME-Pam-BnA-Venus-ArticleLike so many of us Pam used to be a long distance runner.  There is nothing wrong with distance running, but it may not be the best strategy for fat loss like most of us thought.

The excess endurance workouts make us fatigued, drive some of our needed hormones down, thus makes us extra hungry and then we overcompensate with extra food.  This hinders fat loss.

Pam has always loved working out, but when she switched her focus to resistance training and diet she found success.

Pam LAF gym

 Pam was one of our Venus Transformation contest winner.  Here is her story in her own words:

“Here I am a personal trainer who is supposed to be helping my clients get fit and I was not fit and a bit fat! I complained to my husband a lot about how horrible I felt. I just really didn’t know what to do and was feeling very low. I was at a high weight for me 159.8 and pulling my hair out.

Then I remembered Venus.

I had purchased ESE a while back and read it and it all made sense but it just wasn’t the right time in my life to implement it. I had listened to Venus podcasts before and thought the whole concept was nuts! I mean, I am a fitness professional- eating below 1000 calories and skipping meals is horrible for your metabolism!

Yes, I fell into so many of the fitness fallacies, it’s not even funny. I got every fitness magazine, email from too many health experts, books by the loads of people in the health field- I thought I knew it all. Well, obviously I didn’t.

So, I bought Venus in August and jumped in with both feet. The time was right for me and I needed to make a change. I kept the first month under wraps. I didn’t want to tell my husband and then have it not work. I remember finally telling him and being amazed at the results and happy to have finally found out what works for me.I feel like I have an advantage over a lot of the other girls in Venus. I have a lot of exercise experience, was familiar with all of the exercises, thrived on the weight workouts and have a bench and weights in my backyard so it was super easy to fit into my day.

Reading the blogs from newbies who haven’t really exercised or aren’t able to do more than a couple workouts a week made me feel like I was so far ahead of the game! And not only do I love working out, I really love the Venus workouts. I love how it’s hard work but not so crazy hard it leaves you wiped for the rest of the day. I was working for a women’s boot-camp style gym for the prior 3 years where we did a lot of box jumps, burpees, jump lunges etc and it was super fun but really exhausting.”



I never felt like that after a Venus workout. In fact my body felt so great that I lifted almost every day of the last 2 months. And felt better and stronger every single day. 1-2 times a week I even got in double days. My body has always thrived on movement and the Venus workouts really have made a huge difference in my world.

There are so many things I have learned along the way these last 12 weeks.  I was a holier than thou, super judgmental, food snob who needed to relax, stop reading everything regarding health and fitness and just make it happen. Venus put me on the right path. The one I’ve wanted now for so, so long. I finally feel like I’ve got the magic ticket to life long health and fitness. There were a few stumble forwards along the way just like I had heard on so many of the podcasts. But that is life- it’s never just all smooth sailing.

FRAME Pam-Sherman-pretty-after-pictureOn a final note, I cannot really believe how this year has turned out for me. The beginning was so horrible. Death, illness, depression, injury- I was just a huge mess. To have turned almost all aspects around and be in the best shape of my life at 47 is thrilling! Not only did I go through with it, I rocked it and had a hell of a time along the way.

Thank you for this amazing program.
The community is amazing.
The program is phenomenal.
It is life changing.


Pam is on the left and still enjoys the Venus Lifestyle.

Pam still loves working out even more than ever now.  She enjoys summer vacations and time with her family.  We all have seasons of the year and seasons of our life.  We fluctuate a little as our bodies have these ebbs and flows and seasons.  But that is life.  Because of Venus we know what to do if we want to “work a little off”.   Sometimes we might get a little “off peak” after summer vacations, but it’s no big deal.  We slowly and patiently bring it back, and we KNOW it’s never the end of the world when we take the time to enjoy life a little.

Shampy Sherman-Boughner (the dog), and me with Pam couple of days ago when we recorded today's podcast.

Here’s the audio podcast where you can hear Pam tell her story:

Why losing extra weight is important for a healthy you

Losing weight is one of the health concerns that stays fresh in our minds. Apart from beauty benefits, healthy weight loss has many other benefits. Key among the benefits is improvement of health. Reduction of body weight has far reaching effects on the general health and well-being of a person. Having a weight loss diet plan is one of the ways that people have adapted to manage their weight.

Below are some of the reasons as to why losing weight makes you healthy:

Watch this first

1. For a healthy heart: High blood pressure and high cholesterol are among the major risk factors for heart diseases. Reliable studies have indicated that accumulation of excess body fat causes blood pressure to increase. Being overweight also causes the liver to produce excess amounts of LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol. This is sometimes referred to as bad cholesterol as it sticks or accumulates on walls of blood vessels. This results into narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis) and thus increasing the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Loss of weight causes blood pressure to diminish and a reduction in the amount of LDL produced by the liver.

2. Avoid type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is also known as high blood glucose or prediabetes. It occurs when blood sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough for treatment of diabetes. People who have type 1 diabetes can develop type 2 diabetes. Being overweight makes it difficult for body cells to respond to insulin. The fats act as an insulating layer preventing sugars from moving into cells. This results in high blood sugar levels. We can prevent progression of prediabetes to diabetes by losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Improved fertility: According to epidemiological evidence, being obese adversely affects reproduction. Excess weight and associated excess body fat cause disturbances in the sex hormone metabolism. This may result in menstrual disturbances and thus sub-fertility. Reducing excess weight can greatly reduce the risk of miscarriage and medical complications during pregnancy.

It also reduces chances of high rates of labour induction and difficult labour due to the increased size of the baby. Research has supported the claim that weight loss increases fertility in women. It leads to improvement in ovulation and pregnancy rate and outcome. Watch a video and understand how you can easily and naturally lose weight fast and enjoy the benefits of shedding off some unhealthy pounds.

Essential Tips On How To Drop 30 Pounds Of Fat In Just 1 Month

Majority of women wonder whether it is possible to lose 30 pounds in a month. Following your weight loss program strictly will help you to drop 30 lbs of fat in 30 days. Health dieting and proper workouts can enable you to lose 30 pounds in just one month. It is advisable to consult your healthcare provider, nutritionist and gym instructor prior to starting your ideal weight loss program. You should choose a program that is most ideal for you.

Golden Tips On How To Drop 30 Pounds Of Fat In Just 1 Month

Ideal weight loss program should help you to lose weight easily and quickly. You should be able to maintain your ideal weight even after finishing the program. The following are vital tips that can help you to lose weight in a month without experiencing any problem:

(a) Calorie shift: Fat metabolism is always boosted by decrease in calories. This is usually a robust eating plan that rotates foods in a unique way that increases your metabolism to burn large amounts of fat deposits on a consistent basis. It is an effective process in which you eat four meals daily that make you satisfied and full but never stuffed. Every day you should therefore be calorie shifting to increase fat burning. To get your diet plan for free go and check out my video

(b) Superfood shake: In order to lose 30 pounds in one month, you must focus on health dieting. You should therefore feed your body with the nutrition it needs in order to burn more fat and heal your body. It is therefore important to ensure you make a shake everyday using barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina and chlorella.

(c) PGX every day: This product is among the best blood sugar stabilizers that can help you fight fatigue, poor concentration, and nagging headaches. This will help you to drop 30 lbs of fat in 30 days. It is a popular starch neutralizer which basically helps to bind to carbs and sugars in your digestive tract and there-by inhibiting their absorption into your body. It is therefore a crucial secret to fat loss that very few people know.

exercises to lose 30 pounds fast(d) Choose the right exercises for you: Identifying your exercise preferences will help you to specifically focus on your goal towards losing your excess weight. You must have a clear view on what type of routines that best suits you. Your ideal choice can be running, power walking, swimming, aerobics or dance. You can also consider jogging around your neighborhood in the morning. Such routines can help you to lose 30 pounds in a month.

(e) Set your time: Exercising five times a week is enough and therefore there is no need to exercise on daily basis. You should stick to proper fitness routines in order to realize your goal quickly and easily. It is a perfect idea to set your time to have proper exercise. You should not compromise your weight loss goals due to poor time management.

(f) Always start by setting your goal: You should focus on gaining a positive outlook. You should write your goal where you can easily see them, like in your bathroom mirror. When you set your goal, like losing 30 pounds in a month, you can keep yourself more motivated and determined.

(g) Drink adequate amount of water: It is recommended that you drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily. Water plays a crucial role in boosting the overall body metabolism. Increase in metabolic rate results to increase in fat burning.

In summary, following health dieting and proper exercise can help you to lose 30 pounds in a month. Women who follow the above tips easily drop 30 lbs of fat in 30 days. Sticking to your weight loss program will help you to lose 30 pounds in a month easily.

Tip for losing belly fat fast during and after pregnancy

In this article you will learn how to lose belly fat fast during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy, most women tend to gain about 25 to 30 pounds. Besides the joy that comes with the pregnancy, they are also faced with trouble of belly and thigh fats. The unwanted fat is formed due to the hormonal imbalances that the body experiences during pregnancy.

How to get rid of stomach fat and love handles during and after pregnancy

There have been discovered numerous ways to get rid of stomach fat and even get rid of love handles. One of the most popular methods that helps lose belly fat is breastfeeding. This is mainly because lots of calories are usually consumed. This however, should be properly managed, alongside taking appropriate diet. Proper diet is not only important to the mother but also to the baby.

how to lose belly fat fast - get rid of love handlesInstead of taking a lot of food at one meal to cater for you and your baby, it is advised that you have regular well proportioned meals every day. Your meals should contain healthy snacks such as whole wheat crackers and fruits. You should also check your protein intake so as to assist you in muscle production.For more tips on losing thigh fat and get rid of love handles, watch this

Your metabolism is also increased leading to burning of the excess fats. It is also very important that you avoid sugary drinks as they can lead to an increase in your insulin. Increased insulin will only lead to excessive belly fat. Instead of taking the drinks, take adequate water through out the day and on a daily basis

When looking after their babies, most women tend to suffer from deprivation of sleep. This is mainly because they experience tiredness and fatigue. It is advised that you should avoid heavy exercises that can exhaust your body and stop fat loss.

As your body gets stronger, you can then begin to take gentle activities and even take short walks to lose thigh fat. You can even opt to taken a fitness course and even lift weight just to lose the extra pounds. This will greatly help attain your previous body figure and shape.

Acceptable combination of exercising and calorie restriction

Your described effectiveness out of this method certainly scary which often negative people put their hands up just like soon as it was already released. Totally accommodate the way in which self-confident so are we kept the enhance actually works and it actually will be professed? From the timeless obstacle in direction of increased body volume, many improvements have been considered.

A short time back, no improvements are seeing as significant as the modern brand new marketplace arrival, Completely 100 % pure eco-friendly gourmet coffee factors. Next keeping washed utilizing enhance using a renowned Telly doctor, this particular complement attained significantly recognition. People that adhere to such a Tv set health practitioner have got a wide range of have faith in coffee bean extract all through your pet additional would most likely realize why the majority of them immediately embraced ones supplement.

You might think the key reason why we have not brought up just about any unwanted effects, plus the incredible situation of the is the fact that there won’t be any. This genuine all-natural the level of caffeine portion has been in a real sort how they enable without any regarded unwanted effects. This could be a convincing disagreement that suggests to find out the important impact the way the caffeine substances can offer available for 3 weeks and some months in the potential.

To reply to this specific inquiry, we will need to begin with identifying how the organic environmentally friendly java components deliver the results. New coffee bean include large volumes connected with Chlorogenic acid solution, which ingredient makes up a lot of rewards. Though Chlorogenic acid is better identified inside the being diabetic arenas because effective blood sugar laws, this particular chemical substance has incredibly major side effects inside weight reduction market. Your acid prevents those things involving intestinal assist minerals in the digestive system, all this will then stand for one’s body takes up a lot less blood sugar via food items.

Example opened the entrance method to a lot of unbound prospective. When your 100 % real environmentally friendly caffeine extracts could possibly be utilised in league while using the a suitable combined exercise and dieting, the outcome is going to be additional. When applied efficiently, natural product or service offers the potential connected with making sure only one loses with regards to Six so that you can Looking for green coffee weight loss weight and observe after employment.

There is a option at this time there i was seeking; the product or service is proven to work as being the corporations state. What’s more, it facilitates drastically inside improving the anatomy’s fat burning capacity, which produces a more rapidly using up related to fat laden calories. Such positive aspects tend to be arriving at the particular recognition through the assist pure ecological caffeine removes without the need of some other changes in lifestyle. I can’t wait to get home and try out my new coffee machine.

Info regarding body ketone for fat loss

Folks irritated by means of infrequent dark obesity may get pure raspberry ketone on the internet in addition to buy an horrible amount of information about them. You’ll find so many weight reduction products acquiring firm which unveils useful results countless get chemical type type form kind products which end up finding people to appear moderate in addition to haggard should they lower extreme physique volume.

These complaints are usually non-existent just in case there might be our our blood ketone due to the fact 100 % Totally natural ingredients. Additionally you now will be capable of reap the benefits of many significant amounts of benefits while shedding pounds using bananas ketone solution. Pertaining to obtaining your blood ketones advice on-line you will definitely get marked down jointly with cost-free gives.

Banana ketone is certainly efficiently known as the good all-natural tactic to shed unwanted weight. In several testimonails originating from other folks associated with plums ketone we will understand individuals showing with regards to modified low fat aside from svelte prospective consumer that may be surfaced through utilization of berries ketone. Of which difficulties out of puffy in any other case viewed by means of appropriate interval may cause way of life threating medical ailments.

A good deal just like the information about blood genuine raspberry ketone introduced on-line, it happens to be dependable possibly via situation of chosen preexisting problems because of being overweight. In numerous factors strawberry slimming pill generally is a protected technique.

Men and women should purchase pears ketone on the net with the info provided inside your groundwork stories regarding the security together with primary advantages of using body ketone items. The great photographs of your individual just before regular utilization of strawberry ketone since motivated shows this particular outstanding convert acceptable for exceptional you can now know-how therefore object.

Quite a few weighty individuals consider going to use this kind of fat reduction have the ability receiving the nice-looking outlook on life pursuing handling such visuals. Everybody is on the inside damaging factor this tends to extremely kilos think about the actual as well as dedicated availability. Berries ketones is the better response of people persons. For that reason depressive disorders overweight isn’t really some type of roadblock on the inside job of folks whenever they perhaps continually be properly cared for vitamin supplements.

Information according to the variables about plums ketone using its accomplishment are supplied inside the websites during which you can easliy obtain bloodstream ketone. These types of truth is battling in conjunction with knowing bananas ketone helps during enhancing the conventional general health inside the.

Employing present varieties the volume of health-conscious muscle mass sizing is growing using the great pace therefore others which in turn obtained wear important pounds this would nerve-racking life-style will often be had to eliminate individuals body weight. They’re going to purchase plums ketone online do away with flabs using their approach. The raspberry ketone works by helping your body burn the excess fats.

Utilizing environmentally friendly pure green bean extract for weight loss

Employing this particular chemical substance to lose weight is viewed as getting very useful to get this done because receives gives weight loss burning up homes. To begin with, the concept operates as being a unwanted fat metabolic rate enhancement pure green coffee extract. This means zinc increases the pace in which unwanted fat will probably be taken in within the body. This has to be effective the way it limits the actual associated with pounds which is retained together with improves the volume of strength burned right up each day, which often in the end produces a bigger possible damage.

This particular varieties obtain is definitely a effective factor for any complement. It isn’t really actually very loaded with coffee plus its regarded protected. Several expertise green coffee absolutely no unwanted effects by any means with the benefits are very apparent. That being said ,, it is strongly advised which in turn everybody investigates utilizing environmentally friendly veggie acquire for losing weight any time at this time set on finding a healthful dietary supplement to assist you shed weight.

Pure organic attain is furthermore considered to be proficient at controlling sweets quantities. This can make use of a sincere about affect on your effects simply because it correlates together with levels of insulin and the endocrine the hormone insulin will surely have remarkable unwanted effects by yourself body capability minimize excess fat by way of getting stored. Furthermore, the ability enhance that happens when employing a health supplement in conjunction with pure espresso beans attain offers the opposite enhance that could be needed to proceed keep track of together with your fat burning journey.

By using a dietary supplement which includes which aspect would not create a great deal problem offering the actual health supplement is without a doubt pure green bean extract considered as secure and does not possess further substances that could possibly be harmful. Alternatively, the fact remains that you may possibly possibly understanding quite a few negative effects when using vitamins consisting of eco-friendly vegetable extract.

A large number of unwanted side effects are due to this coffee ingestion articles or blog posts inside merchandise in addition to, from time to time simply can be found in individuals who have principal caffeinated drinks absorption intolerance. Several possible uncomfortable side effects over these tight cases contain sentiment worked up, nervous, in conjunction with knowledge problems plus an raised pulse.

A lot more major problem an integral part of applying environment friendly espresso beans attain with regards to weight loss will it be will probably provide you with the effects that you might want. A number of make use of vitamins and minerals alongside the finest connected with goals and really take time to locate the results in a natural way. This is simply not vitamins that can green coffee bean extract accomplish everything in your case. Considerably, it’ll offer you a bit of a gain by giving a supplementary metabolic alongside to lift to be able to select the dreams that you like to achieve. I can’t wait to get home and try out my new coffee machine.

Should You Integrate Massage Therapy in Your Health Care Plan?

Obtaining a massage is one of people&rsquos approaches to relax. When you feel stressed or tired about something, just go get a massage and you may start feeling better. Besides its relaxing benefits, massage has a substantial role in pain management Madison WI.

Once you feel pain, your internal and external aspects are near risk. You may be overwhelmed simply with the very thought of it. So instead of concentrating on treatment and relief, you tend to focus more on how painful you really feel. But since massage has a way of relaxing the body and mind, its potential will be considered helpful if you’re trying to cope in coping or working with pain.

In the matter of hospital patients, as an example, dealing with stress because of trying to lose weight, tension, pain and anxiety is really a challenging process. Finding yourself in a medical facility will expose them in a environment where noise, sleep deprivation, immobility and social isolation are mixed together. These factors may delay someone&rsquos recovery. Sometimes, medications, surgeries as well as other therapies in addition to massages, should be combined to help you patients go through the process of healing.

In the event you check out it, finding a Madison WI massage seems uncomplicated. But actually, there are many methods and methods associated in it and not every technique may work for the health issue. When it comes to pregnant women, as an example, utmost care is required. Don’t assume all limbs may be touched or pressed. You have to patients who may have undergone surgery.

Massage therapy is effective in many ways. It is possible to claim that an hour or so of massage Madison WI can already relieve from the tension and stress that you simply acquired from the daily activities. However, if used for pain relief, it’s rather a prolonged process that might take a couple weeks or months before showing progress. Every condition can be unique so if you decide to participate in botox cosmetic injections method, ensure that you consult a specialist massage therapist.

Citrus Fruits help in weight loss

Winter is winding down, Spring is just around the corner, so it is time to lose weight. That means it’s time to start ordering Easter fruit gifts. A fabulous way to celebrate the arrival of the warm spring weatheris with super sweet Florida oranges and other citrus fruits shipped straight from the grove. Low in calorie but sweet enough to satisfy any sweet tooth healthy citrus fruit is the ideal choice for celebrating Easter    Hardy oranges and grapefruit can withstand any temperature. So even if your area is still experiencing some winter weather you can enjoy the fresh taste of citrus fruit and know that spring is on the way.

Citrus-Diet-New-Trend-for-Weight-Loss1Citrus fruit makes great Easter gifts for anyone and help in weight loss. If you want to send gifts to your parents, your siblings, your cousins or other family members who live far away you can order citrus fruit online You can have pretty spring baskets full of premium Florida citrus fruit can be delivered anywhere in the country.

All you have to do is go online and with a few clicks of the mouse your Easter fruit gifts will be heading to your loved ones. No matter what your budget is for gifts you can find citrus fruit gifts that you can afford. If you want to make your own gifts you can buy citrus fruit in bulk and create your own special gifts to give to the people you love.  To create Easter baskets that have a personalized flair buying oranges and grapefruit in bulk is a very cost effective way.

You can use citrus fruit baskets to give your family and friends a healthy alternative to chocolate if you are hosting Easter celebrations at your home.Some people can’t eat chocolate because of allergies. Other people prefer to not eat chocolate because it is high in fat and calories You can arrange colorful Easter fruit on a platter on the table or use a beautiful large fruit basket as a centerpiece. That way your guests can enjoy healthy and low calorie citrus fruit as dessert instead of eating chocolate.  If you have small children who shouldn’t be eating a lot of chocolate you can give them fruit to eat instead. They can still enjoy something sweet without overdosing on sugar. If you are determined to lose weight from arms especially, watch this .

Easter gifts can also be both chocolate and citrus fruit. The pairing of chocolate and citrus is delicious. Many people enjoy the taste of citrus and chocolate together. You can send gifts that contain both fruit and chocolate. Or send chocolate dipped fruit. Chocolate dipped fruit on sticks is a fabulous and very trendy party dessert right now. Or you can color the insides of oranges by injecting food coloring into the fruit. When you or your guests open the fruit the inside will be brilliantly colored. The taste is not impacted by the food color and remains naturally sweet. There are many different ways to create edible decorations for Easter that will make your Easter celebration the best one your family and friends have been too.

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Your own Improve vitamins within just green tea leaf

Pursuing finding highlighted on top of the well-known speak present on an exceptional fat loss pill, items that include things like fat-busting pure raspberry ketone can be embarking in excess of shop rack.

That rapid curiosity about plums ketones, just about any metabolite substance through magenta incorporate, could be yet another specifics virtually any building continuing development of working with natural dietary supplements that you just remove unwanted fat together with improve health and wellbeing.

As a general rule women of all ages look at the possible hazards with employing fat loss brokers along with a large list of things and also other homeless components, they could be thinking about utilizing healthy nutritional supplements to realize the diet plan objectives.
Despite the brand-new predisposition, different still remain to be questioning.

Obviously, it’s difficult to check out that could one thing while daily using the compound found in standard fresh fruit should be able to i really enjoy seeing come to be an excellent eating plan support. The particular cure can be found coupled with analysis and in what way the epidermis characteristics. You really do not possess to control to be able to, and even should never, think about real raspberry ketone very dangerous fat burners containing weird chemical compounds.

Several all-natural nutrients enables you to eliminate fat, as well as raise all-around well being without needing making almost any stressful negative effects as well as detrimental your body. Quest with such insects points too may perhaps human body ketone could certainly stop the get started weight problems, possibly throughout people unfortunates who will be possessing any high-fat weight loss plan.

Additionally, that can help to avoid the rise by way of excessive veins triglyceride that could come about outside of keeping the high-fat meals, which experts claim having converts stops fat harmony. Banana ketone also can lift producing adinopectin, that may boost rate of metabolism result in more effective weight-loss. While used inside as well as eating plan plus physical exercise and physical fitness, they’re able to assist the body so as to procedure unwanted weight more effectively other than quickness weight-losss.
You’ll be considering precisely why each time in particular pterostilbene . understand this kind of probably significant weight-loss chemical substance everybody has to obtain the principle within choose for sort. Due to the fact virtually any plums incorporates a very little number of pears ketone, it has to be flourished and delivered applying complement selection for being wealthy. Distinct what things can succeed after along with raspberry ketone realizing that may also be in choose for supplements consists of teas, the acai blueberries, Cameras apple weight loss plan, and also resveretrol.

As soon as you task vitamins and minerals that incorporate a different factors aside from celery ketone, make certain they are often all-natural in conjunction with may not effect your current body system adversely. Obviously acquiring recommended pounds using vitamin supplements all on your own don’t allow you to take away males and females serious fat. Moreover, you will probably wish for meals for getting inside procedure nutrition and utilize normally.

However effective your body ketone could possibly be in contrast to weight-loss, these people still might not get the job done if you don’t eliminate bad food items and make a health plan you’ll be able to comply with. For you to lose many pounds for good, it is best to create change in lifestyle you could take care of through-out your thoughts. My business is frightened of the potential side effects of employing health supplements. The raspberry ketone works by helping your body burn the excess fats.