Five Great Gifts for an Active Man

Christmas is on its way, and your thoughts are likely turning to the perfect gift for the health-conscious man in your life. People who are into fitness and health can be surprisingly challenging to buy for. There are an overwhelming number of products that span the equally numerous and vastly different ideals of healthy living. However, there are many gifts out there that you just can’t go wrong with. Here are a few ideas that are sure to make their holidays bright.

Fitness Shoes

Regardless of the activity, it’s critical to have the proper footwear. If you wear the wrong shoes during a workout, you run the risk of injury or muscle strains. Walking requires walking shoes, and running shoes should be worn when running or jogging. However, cross-trainers can be worn for both. For weightlifting, shoes should have flat, sturdy bottoms. If your man is a hiking enthusiast, a good pair of hiking boots are essential for traction, durability and ankle support.

Fitness Tracker

These convenient little devices can help health and fitness buffs optimize their diet and workout habits. They make it easy to track eating habits and total calories consumed. Most can also keep track of the distance traveled, number of steps, heart rate and calories burned. Some will even keep tabs on the wearer’s sleeping patterns, which can help guide them to a better night’s sleep.

Filtered Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Reusatop-10-christmas-gift-ideas-2013-for-men-best-presents-for-husband-boyfriend-07dolce-gabbana-silk-floral_blazer-1124x660-horizontalble water bottles aren’t just safer to use and better for the environment. They can also help you save a lot of extra cash, since you won’t have to pay a premium for bottled water. Plus, they’re extremely sturdy and can be taken anywhere they’re needed, like the to gym or on a run. A filtered water bottle also provides healthier, better-tasting water. The handy built-in filter removes the things that you don’t want in your tap water like chlorine and contaminants.

 Golf Shoe Bag

Few things are as cringe-worthy as throwing golf shoes caked with mud into the trunk. The stains are impossible to get out, and once it dries, the trunk will be full of dirt. A golf shoe bag is a surefire way to end to this vexing problem. My husband bought a shoe bag last year – they are specially designed bags feature dividers and are ventilated to accelerate shoe drying.

 Touchscreen Gloves

For someone who likes to run or jog to music, then going out into the cold can be particularly bothersome. If they wear gloves, their hands will be warm, but they’ll have a hard time changing songs on a touchscreen music player. Touchscreen gloves are the perfect solution to this problem. Some of these gloves are designed with textured parts on the fingers that the touchscreen will respond to. Other kind of these gloves may be designed to leave only the fingertips exposed.

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is an important goal, and it’s one that some people take very seriously. Gift shopping for fitness fans can seem like a minefield, but there are many options out there that even the most stringent exercisers will love.