How can yoga help you lose belly fat fast & An Unusual yoga trick proven to erase 13lbs of belly fat

A regular yoga practice can contribute to a flatter, stronger stomach, as most of the poses require you to use ab muscles for stabilization. The twisting and bending involved in yoga may also help reduce bloating that makes your middle look padded.

Obstacles to a Flat Stomach

Side plank variations (like this one) really challenge your core strength.

A “poochy” stomach often results from an excess of fat. It’s common to store fat, accumulated from eating too much food and too little movement, in this area.

The soft and squishy subcutaneous fat of your belly lies just under the skin and poses little health risk, but can make your jeans tight.

Your stomach area is also home to visceral fat, which surrounds your internal organs and secretes compounds that raise inflammation and risk of disease. A sedentary lifestyle, hormones and consumption of processed foods often contribute to the development of visceral fat.

Yoga’s Caloric Burn

Boat pose may sound leisurely, but it's anything but easy!Poses, such as boat, plank and warrior III, certainly strengthen the muscles of your abdomen. But, you can’t see those strong abs if you have fat covering them.

In one hour of yoga, a 150-pound, 5-foot, 5-inch woman burns:

  • 189 calories in Hatha yoga, involving longer holds and deep breathing
  • 351 calories in Ashtanga yoga, involving rigorous flows from posture to posture

Unusual yoga trick proven to erase 13 lbs of belly fat

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