Best 5 Weight Loss Questions Answered – Is The Venus Factor Program Right for Me?

Best 5 Weight Loss Questions for WOMEN answered

VENUS FACTOR PROGRAMToday, John Barban and my friend, Roberta Saum got together to discuss the most common questions that have come up in the Venus Community Forum regarding Weight loss for women and the Venus Factor 12 week Fat Loss Program.

In the audio podcast Below, John answers how all the pieces of the 12 week fat loss program work and fit together and explains the 5 best weight loss tips for women.

John answers these weight loss questions and more:

  • How many calories should YOU eat daily?
  • How much protein?
  • How to structure your workouts?
  • What to do about injuries?
  • What do the minimum numbers in the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist mean?
  • What is the Tracker?
  • How will the Venus Factor workout effect your female shape?
  • Why is a strict meal plan not spelled out for you?

Listen the audio file below! Hit the play button!

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Hope these questions helped your weight loss quest….