foods that burn fatThe foods that burn fat and boost metabolism

As I told you before, in my videos, articles and emails, I ate a lot of foods that burn fat, boost metabolism and they helped me became healthier, feel and look younger.

If you are wandering what happened to me the answer is simple…. I kept eating healthy and followed my daily exercise routine for a few months.

We all know that protein and veggies are the foods that burn fat, and that if we eat them daily, our body will simply feel and look younger and we will also lose weight. But which are the foods that burn most fat? Wouldn’t you want to eat only those?

mike gearyThe great news I have for you, is that Mike Geary, a health expert and nutritionist, a person that I have been following for a long time  just wrote a great article about “The Fat Burning Kitchen – the foods that burn most fat” .

Lately he’s been so much into anti aging and women’s health and from what I’ve seen so far, by implementing the advice and tips in his article, every woman can lose weight, get rid of cellulite, feel and look younger, and achieve these so much faster. I’ve read the article, also bought his latest ebook and it completely blew my mind.

You’ll discover the foods that burn fat and if your kitchen contains:

Fat Burning Foods ?       OR       Fat-Storing Foods ?

…plus 23 “health foods” you need to avoid. You may be surprised that many of the foods in your cabinets that you thought were “health foods” are actually making you fatter…and you’ll learn the foods that help you burn fat faster that you could imagine and cost under $1….

Click here to read the article and discover all the foods that burn fat!